Letters to the editor

I have two questions for the Manheim Township commissioners and police regarding the parents who are charged with hosting parties at their home for their own children and other children (“Police say party parents aided drinking,” Nov. 10). According to police, underage drinking and marijuana use took place at those parties.

1. If the first occurrence was in November 2019, why did it take a full year to press charges?

2. Why was bail set so low?

I was shocked and became increasingly scared as I read the report in LNP | LancasterOnline. How many of the lives of those who live in Manheim Township and anywhere in the county were endangered?

This is a horrific case of an alleged crime that fortunately did not claim innocent lives. I hope that, if convicted, the parents are given maximum penalties for endangering their own children, other children and the community at large.

Dennis Denenberg

Manheim Township