Are you feeling anxious and fearful during these uncertain times because of the pandemic? You are not alone. Everyone seems to be in a supersensitive mood. This pandemic is wreaking havoc with every part of our lives. 

And then, to top it all off, we have an unusually abrasive and negative political season, which appears to bring out the worst in ourselves because of tribal loyalties.

I confess that I have voted for candidates from different parties. I think it is important to vote for the best candidate, not for their political affiliation — there are good people on both sides. I want my candidates to be honest and compassionate, have integrity and be flexible enough to compromise. I believe compromising is how we can get out of these tribal politics.

You see, a good compromise is an agreement that involves mutual concessions. Each side gets less than it feels entitled to because there shouldn’t be winners and losers. So, when there isn’t consensus — on any topic — there needs to be a compromise.

So I ask myself which candidates will rise to these ideals before I vote. I also implore you to look at the candidates and decide which ones meet the high standards for any office. Don’t listen to what they tell you about how you should think, but think for yourself and base your vote on truths.

Janet Clarke