Three months ago, U.S. House Democrats passed a $3 trillion bill to aid those affected by the collapse of the economy because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill provides a second $1,200 payment to individuals, expanded unemployment benefits, aid to help small businesses stay afloat and funds for state and local governments hit hard by declining tax revenues. Senate Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, refused to even bring the bill up for a vote.

Now, after months of seemingly doing nothing other than squabble among themselves, those same Senate Republicans have assembled a “plan” of their own that does little of the above. Instead, their response to the pandemic prevents workers from suing employers who force them back to work without adequate safety precautions. Plus it includes funding for more F-35A jet fighters and renovations for the FBI’s headquarters.

And in order to appear interested in the crisis at hand, President Donald Trump has been pushing for the bill to include official suspension of the payroll tax. That, of course, isn’t of any benefit to those who are jobless and not on a payroll. But it is a big step toward destroying Social Security, which has been a cherished dream of some conservatives for decades.

If you’re a Republican voter, all this should make you stop and think seriously about who really cares about Americans. Because maybe they aren’t the people you’ve been voting for.

Ward Latshaw

East Hempfield Township