There have been several good letters concerning climate change, challenging the liberal left and its climate change extremism.

Earth’s climate has been constantly changing for millions of years and, in fact, it has been changing since its creation. The liberal left seems to think that climate change has just started in the past 100 years, and it ignores the scientific history right here. Go to just one of our lovely state parks and learn about the drastic climate change ongoing for the past 12,000 years, in particular.

Liberals, are you aware that Ireland at one time had a tropical climate followed by a glacial freeze, with no human intervention? The only thing that you can control is how much you choose to pollute. Nature cares not how much power you seem to believe that you have to control it. Earth will be here long after humans cease to exist.

Al Gore and his mercury-poisoned compact fluorescent light bulbs won’t make one bit of difference to the climate. They will just pollute our water more than it already is polluted. And that is the inconvenient truth!

Rick Richards