I am shocked, shocked! That a student at Franklin & Marshall wore a dashiki as a Halloween costume. Another — my pen trembles in my hand — wore a sombrero. A sombrero: the sacred hat of the indigenous Mexican people!

Words fail me. I honestly cannot come up with a way better way to ridicule this than to state the facts. Don’t the offended students have, like, subjects to study? Exams? A life?

Per LancasterOnline Feb. 13: “Franklin & Marshall College eyes staff cuts amid $8 million budget deficit.” Yet to respond to this threat, these atrocious acts, they have decided to hire a director of diversity, equity and inclusion.

I am at a loss for satire.

On a serious note, when issues like this come up, I try to put myself in others’ shoes by imagining that, say, someone dressed up as a Satmar chasid. As a Jew, I yield to no one in the competition for most oppressed group. Would I care if someone dressed up as a chasid for Halloween?

Not a rip.

Christopher Brooks


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