Letters to the editor

Regarding the April 26 letter “Who controls the Earth’s climate?”:

Many factors are involved, but our current period of global warming (20th and 21st century) — according to nearly every published climate scientist worldwide — is overwhelmingly caused by billions of humans burning fossil fuels.

The writer of the letter disagrees. He’s seemingly going with what he learned in elementary school many decades ago. But, surprisingly, he finds common ground with those same climate scientists when he writes, “Eliminating pollution should be our target.”

The same greenhouse gases that cause global warming come from burning fossil fuels that also pollute the air we breathe, drastically increasing the rates of asthma and other health problems, including increasing cancer rates.

By replacing fossil fuels with cheaper solar and wind energy, we’ll not only get better health; we’ll get increasingly lower energy bills while creating millions of high-wage jobs that will be local and permanent, according to The Solutions Project.

We can have more high-wage, clean-energy jobs, and solar/wind will continue to drop rapidly in price every decade, because once you build the infrastructure, the energy is free — forever.

Clean energy is a big part of the infrastructure bill now being debated in Congress. The Biden administration says it will create 10 million union-scale jobs with good benefits. The plan would rebuild our middle class and could be paid for by the 1% billionaires.

A modern, competitive, clean-energy grid will revitalize the U.S. economy while improving the health of Americans by reducing pollution and fighting global warming.

Pete Kuntz

Manheim Township

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