Iranian Christian cells are growing faster than in any other country, in spite of persecution by the Islamic republic under its supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the crackdowns of the Revolutionary Guard.

In my missionary travels I have been privileged to meet several Iranian Christians whom I’ve grown to love and admire for their steadfastness while facing threats and intimidation. Afraid to be seen, they meet secretly in homes and on the internet. The Iranian wakening — those seeing visions and hearing about Jesus and wanting to follow him — have crossed the border to be baptized in mass baptisms.

This massive conversion from Islam to Christianity is reminiscent of the early church conversions in the waning days of the Roman Empire. American Christians need to take heed and pray that these new Christians will be part of the democratic movement to remake the nation of Iran, formerly Persia, into a full, prosperous democracy.

Iran’s elected president, parliament and judiciary are still under control of the theocratic dictates of its supreme leader. Send a message today to your elected representatives to uphold the War Powers Resolution, so that the Trump administration doesn’t continue foolishly imposing sanctions, conducting more assassinations, and continuing warmongering that only disturbs and hinders this mighty movement for the heart and soul of the Iranian people under the leadership of the Holy Spirit of God.

Mary Theresa Webb

West Lampeter Township