This is to the writer of the July 21 letter “Don't force all to wear masks” and others who claim to care about all lives yet say wearing masks should not be required.

You fail to understand that masks don’t really protect the wearer, as the letter writer supposes. Masks protect others, in case the wearer is infected without knowing it yet. Those infected with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can spread this respiratory illness through ordinary breathing prior to showing any symptoms.

We should wear masks if we care about hospital workers, essential workers at grocery stores and nursing homes, organ transplant recipients with suppressed immune systems due to the anti-rejection medications they must take for life, those battling cancer with suppressed immune systems from chemotherapy, the elderly and children with diseases such as cystic fibrosis. These people might not survive a case of COVID-19.

Those selfishly not wearing masks endanger and devalue the lives of these people and so many others.

Understandably, people are tired of mask-wearing, but the COVID-19 risk has not gone away and masks must be worn until it is gone.

Christ calls us to care for the least of these among us — the sick, the elderly and the stranger included. Christians must sacrifice their own personal comfort, put on a mask and put the lives of others before their own. It is what everyone should do if you care at all about family, friends, neighbors, employees, customers and the community at large. I care. I wear a mask. Do you?

Lisa Garrett

East Earl Township