To my Christian sisters and brothers, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump and all who are struggling to believe climate change concerns:

What if Jesus’ return is a very long time away? One hundred years? Two hundred? Or more? (We have miscalculated often before.)

What if the scientists are dead-on right? Now, in 2020! That indeed the glaciers in Switzerland and in the Arctic regions are melting faster than ever before?

They are being measured in Switzerland with a 10% loss in the past five years alone.

Please, this is not fake news.

Yet Pompeo says attention to such facts is “worshipping a radical environmental agenda” instead of focusing on the American family.

The American family is exactly my concern, dear brother Pompeo and Mr. President.

Where? Where will you send your families? Your grandchildren? And all the hundreds of coastal communities as higher sea levels continue to rise?

Who will pay for their ruined houses? For relocation costs?

Please, I pray, turn and face this emerging judgment on our disregard, on our disrespect of this creation God has called good!

Please turn and face the speeding melting, the worldwide droughts, wilder weather, changing rain and snow patterns, increased ocean acidity.

Turn, dear brothers and sisters, turn!

John Shearer