I attended the meeting at the Maple Grove community building Oct. 19 on the proposed water tower to be built in Lancaster Township. It was just another “not in my backyard” get-together.

You run your dishwashers once or twice a day, and you probably shower or take baths multiple times a day.

I grew up in the country. We didn’t have public anything other than the electric utility company. Various families, including mine, ran dairy operations. We needed electricity to run the milk processing systems. We had septic tanks and wells. One day the internal casing of one well crumbled, and the pump produced rusty water that was unsafe to drink.

I propose we build this new water tower in Lancaster Township.  We all love water. If we didn’t have this particular natural resource available, we would be at a total loss.

Some attending this meeting proposed distributing flyers against this water tower on Halloween. I don’t know how they would solicit children with their documents. Would they hand the flyers out with or without candy? They want to enforce their selfish scheme on Halloween.

Lancaster Township made its bed decades ago. If it wanted to remain independent from the city, it should have done so then.

Frankly, I love water towers. They dot the Midwest and our area, too. I love driving north and south on Route 501, east and west on 422, crossing over 419, admiring the water tower in Myerstown. Since they are so tall and stately, the Amish usually paint them.

In addition to putting more Amish to work, we’ll have better access to safe drinking water. This is America. We want a brand spanking new water tower in Lancaster Township. As far as I’m concerned, it can’t be built soon enough for all of us combined.

This is coming from both a fiscal and safety viewpoint. It would not only be a healthy decision to make: It would be financially beneficial as well.

E.F. Miller


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