Letters to the editor

President Joe Biden, the biggest idiot Democrats ever nominated, flubbed what I view as one of the most important phrases in last week’s address to Congress — and the liberal LNP | LancasterOnline completely ignored it. But had it been Donald Trump, I believe we would have gotten schooled about it.

Biden said, “It’s time we remembered that ‘we the people’ are the government.”

“We the people” are not the government!

“We the people” are the people the government is supposed to be serving — not the other way around.

“We the people” are getting tired of getting the shaft. Our forefathers warned us of a time like this, and it is the reason our Bill of Rights and Constitution were written.

Many years ago, it was put into law that a president may only serve two terms. I believe that limitation must be added to all political positions. And it must be done now to save our country, before it’s too late, though it may be already.

Biden has been in politics almost as long as I have been alive, and is seemingly so far out of touch with reality it’s scary. And if you are one of those who voted for him, blame yourself.

I don’t expect this to get printed, because LNP | LancasterOnline seems to practice censorship, even though it denies it does. Liberals seemingly don’t like the truth. I believe they hate democracy and freedom of speech.

Jeffrey Good

East Earl Township

Editor’s note: We do not censor points of view. Objective, verifiable facts are checked by LNP | LancasterOnline. When there is any degree of subjectivity, we allow our contributors to voice their opinions, including those critical of the media.

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