Letters to the editor

Even after the election is over, I see we still have people joining the “Goody-Goody No Fault Joe Biden Party.” Since they have no faults, they can point out other people’s faults, especially those of President Donald Trump. 

I can’t believe they also go along with the media in failing to condemn the counterprotesters who caused trouble at the MAGA march for Trump on Nov. 14 in Washington, D.C. If they call the behavior of those counterprotesters Americanism, I do believe they need to find a screw driver to tighten the brain.

One thing I’d like to know from Biden voters: In what area of life did you have it so hard during the Trump years? I don’t know if any of you served in the military but I sacrificed several years of my life to preserve the freedom Old Glory stands for. Biden apparently is going to give out so many free things, which will be paid for, I guess, from dollars falling from heaven.

We have never had a president with no faults before.

C. L. Frackman

Willow Street

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