Because the mainstream media is seemingly biased against President Donald Trump, with some reports indicating that between 90% and 96% of his coverage is negative, I think it’s only fair to examine Joe Biden’s record over his 47 years in politics.

If LNP | LancasterOnline readers get their news only from mainstream sources, they might not know the following:

Biden has a history of making up stories to enhance his resume. One of these lies from 1987 is the enhancement of his college resume. “I went to (Syracuse) law school on a full academic scholarship. ... I was the outstanding student in the political science department. ... I ended up in the top half of my class. ... I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school.” (You can watch it on YouTube.)

Wow! Didn’t Biden know his lies could be fact-checked? Newsweek did, and Biden had to admit they were right; he said his memory failed him. ABC’s Sam Donaldson reported that Joe had a half-scholarship, graduated with one degree and graduated near the bottom of his class — 76th out of a class of 85.

For years, Biden has told the story of his wife and daughter being killed when a drunken truck driver hit their car. As tragic as this was, it was an accident with no alcohol involved. The driver wasn’t charged.

Biden also has lied about getting arrested in South Africa and about the extent of his involvement in the civil rights movement. Biden has plagiarized speeches.

These are merely a few instances among many showing that Biden says just about anything that promotes Joe Biden.

Ginny Feenstra

Upper Leacock Township