Letters to the editor

This is an open letter to my Democratic friends.

Are you happy now? In my view, you elected an addled, mediocre, career-politician president. How’s that working out? Our southern border is seemingly wide open. Americans are masking up to curtail COVID-19, while thousands of unvaccinated migrants here illegally — who are potentially positive for the virus — are being transported all over our country.

Crime is up in cities, the majority of which are run by Democrats. In my view, we have a two-tier justice system, with one set of rules for Democrats and another set for everyone else.

Our Constitution is being shredded daily by politicians who swore to protect and defend it. We no longer have all of our First Amendment rights, as I believe Democrats and social media companies colluded to censor the previous president.

COVID-19 restrictions threaten to destroy small businesses and landlords.

The Biden administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has been a disaster and embarrassment.

President Joe Biden, in my view, is either clueless or an outright liar. He sometimes makes pronouncements on TV that have to be walked back by his minions within the hour. Yet I see little or no coverage of these incidents in LNP | LancasterOnline or other mainstream media. Is it collusion? I believe they run interference for this administration.

In less than a year, the Biden administration has seemingly accomplished what America’s enemies over the past 250 years couldn’t: destroy the American dream. We aren’t as energy-independent anymore, with Biden begging OPEC to increase production. High energy costs have imposed higher costs for Americans on everything we use. The entire world now seems to see us as a failed state run by fools.

John Wade

Paradise Township

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