Personal accountability is as important as any issue discussed at Amy Coney Barrett’s hearings for her nomination to the Supreme Court.

Self-discipline and accountability for one’s self are essential when living in a diverse society. These act as checks when making our choices, and the results produce behaviors that are more appropriate within our society.

Laws are made for lawbreakers who disrespect the rights of others. Many individuals and organizations offer forgiveness, love, assistance and support in an effort to encourage, to promote healing and to give direction so a better lifestyle and thoughtful life can be realized.

Resolving a problem in a positive way requires discernment, knowing right from wrong and taking into consideration differing viewpoints — while understanding there must be certain absolutes that govern a society in order for that society to function.

Vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, unlike Amy Barrett, is not an open-minded individual, in my view. Nor do I believe Harris is as honest and fair as Barrett. That was very clearly illuminated by Harris’ rhetoric at Tuesday’s hearings.

Harris seemingly wants the Supreme Court vacancy to be filled by an individual who shares her own convictions, so her party can control its own agenda.

Barrett is open-minded. She has a keen sense of right and wrong and will not be manipulated because of her integrity. Indeed, she is a virtuous woman among fiery serpents.

“Do you judge the children of man rightly? No, in your hearts you devise wrongs” (Psalm 58:1b, 2a).

“Mankind will say, surely there is a God who judges the earth” (Psalm 58:11).

Reva Schulman