House Speaker Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done in a San Francisco beauty salon in violation of COVID-19 restrictions is deplorable, but Mayor Jim Kenney of Philadelphia earns a higher spot on my “Bad Example” list for being seen eating inside a Maryland restaurant after prohibiting indoor dining in his own city.

Kenney’s harsh dining restrictions in Philadelphia have resulted in economic damage, with at least a dozen restaurant closures. I should not be surprised by double standards — hypocrisy is a theme in politics.

In his new book due to be published in October, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York pats himself on the back for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. However, Cuomo’s decision to place coronavirus patients into nursing homes is hauntingly linked to the highest mortality rate in the country for nursing home deaths. His self-promotion is deluded wishful thinking.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and state Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine also merit “Bad Example” list placement for similar nursing home decisions in Pennsylvania. Levine’s statement that her mother’s exit from a facility was her mom’s idea rings hollow to me. I believe Levine foresaw the obvious catastrophe and evacuated her mom as fast as possible prior to the nursing home death tolls.

I am grateful that my father’s nursing home in western Pennsylvania has thus far avoided cross-infection. I give kudos to a very competent administrator and her dedicated staff for that small miracle. Sadly, Lancaster County nursing homes have not been as fortunate.

Bob Bodnar

West Lampeter Township