Letters to the editor

I have worked as an Election Day poll greeter in Manheim Township precinct No. 5 for many years.

During that time I have had numerous conversations with April Weaver, the Republican nominee for the 96th Legislative District in the state House and a member of the Manheim Township school board.

I asked her about the primary reason that she identifies as a Republican, and she replied without hesitation that she is against abortion. It seemed that no other issue was more important. Given her strong anti-abortion position, I expected to find her position clearly stated on her campaign website. Nothing.

In my view, she is trying to appear moderate during the election process. Based on my conversations with her over the years, I have no doubt that Weaver would vote to strip women of their rights to reproductive freedom and vote with the extremist Pennsylvania House Republicans.

Voters in the 96th Legislative District, especially women, have only one choice regarding the issues of reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy, and that is incumbent state Rep. Mike Sturla.

Susan Lape Robertson

Manheim Township

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