In her op-ed in the July 26 Perspective section (“Heed signs that democracy is slipping away in the US”), Ann McFeatters lists 15 signs that show how our country is slipping into authoritarianism under President Donald Trump.

It is interesting to note that in her list of 15 signs, she ignored the No. 1 and most important sign of authoritarianism. When dictators take over a country, this is the very first thing they do. That important first sign is control of the media, so the population hears only the narrative the dictator wants to spin.

McFeatters’ op-ed is a perfect example of “spinning the narrative.”

So, yes, the United States might be slipping into authoritarianism, but it’s not the president who is to blame. It is the progressive left that controls the media. The progressives and their compliant media friends are the ones who I believe are implementing authoritarianism.

George Nash

West Hempfield Township