Dear senators:

The second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump will happen after his presidency. Regardless of how this happened, it means some among you may try to dissuade you of the importance of the situation. I urge you to not let it be so. Remember the power of impeachment, especially because it should be fresh on your minds.

I also ask of you to be honest among yourselves and to remember your morals, your oath of office and what it was like before you came into office. Do not let anyone talk you out of your vote, lest this country fall further from within. Do not let party loyalty, voting history or any ease of working with Trump distract you from your civic duty. America needs you.

Now, an important question is: Did Trump incite this riot? Perhaps he did it in a way to give himself plausible deniability? Or is he a man above such reproach? Your vote matters.

Furthermore, is it an impeachable offense? This riot, at an important federal building, here, in the United States? The majority of the House of Representatives thinks so. I warn you, though, that if you think Trump is guilty but choose not to convict him, you are saying through your actions that you think this is acceptable — for both Trump and future presidential hopefuls.

America needs good, moral and wise leadership. It needs people to set a good example. It needs you. So, safe travels, and vote your conscience.

Jeffrey Bensinger

East Donegal Township

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