It is with sadness that I read your June 17 editorial, “Dream fulfilled.” As a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, I am shocked that C. David Kramer seemingly has such profound disrespect for the mariners of World War II. These men risked their lives for freedom, and his response is only a small bronze plaque? How can he explain how other veterans parks recognize these men as equals under the veteran status laws?

Bottom line: He cannot. It is only Kramer who apparently has a problem with this, and I am calling him out on his position. He cannot justify the insult he bestowed on these brave mariners while ignoring the law defining veteran status. What does Kramer have against the one service that kept the other services going to fulfill their missions?

No, Mr. Kramer, your platitudes are not accepted and you should be ashamed the way you treated the World War II Merchant Marine veterans from Lancaster. These men risked their lives for freedom and your response is pathetic at best. I hope the good people of Lancaster wake up and right this injustice.

Capt. Ronald Campana

Kenner, Louisiana