Some people we know are jovial, organized, energetic, balanced, industrious, diligent, efficient and nonjudgmental. Others we may encounter, on the other hand, are domineering, opinionated, narcissist, arrogant, lying, disruptive, judgmental, tactless, rude, unreliable, manipulative and paranoid. 

Most of us probably prefer friends and associates who are gregarious, patient, easygoing, unassuming, self-disciplined, adaptable, realistic and trustworthy. We usually avoid those who are thoughtless, mean, dogmatic, argumentative, obnoxious, untrustworthy, moody, aggressive, dishonest, pessimistic, narrow-minded and/or unstable.

Now, tolerate the purpose of this writer by rereading the first paragraph of this letter while copying or remembering the first letter of each adjective used in the two sentences. There is a message there, and it seems important regarding what will occur in early November.

We desperately need an appropriate leader, especially one who is capable of understanding and accepting the challenges facing our country and who is willing to work with and be advised by those who are prepared to give meaning to the process of ending our confusion and pain.

That person is not Donald Trump. The recent book by his niece, Mary Trump, makes totally clear to me why he is a damaged human specimen totally devoid of the intellectual, psychological, attitudinal, emotional and practical skills needed to lead our country successfully. His first term so far has shown that as clearly as is possible. He should be allowed to return to his sociopathic life of strutting, stealing, cheating, bragging and suing, so he can continue to meet the standards taught him by his father.

Terry W. Blue

Manor Township