Why are we pointing a finger at one person to blame for the state of the country?

I can make a list of where I feel President Donald Trump went wrong, but I can also show clips and tweets in which many of our elected officials did just as badly. They should point that finger at themselves.

This chaos didn’t just happen in the past four years. When was the last time any member of Congress had a high approval rating? The majority of our elected officials are no longer serving the people; I believe they are trying to have the most power, at any cost. They should point that finger at themselves.

We have very few journalists, in my view. Much of the news media consists of tabloid- and gossip-style news. News media, point that finger toward yourselves.

Big Tech allows some to say what they want and shuts down others. So, Big Tech, point that finger toward yourself.

To the wealthy individuals who essentially bought and now “own” a lot of elected officials, point that finger at yourselves.

People of America feed off social media instead of sitting down and debating their views without name-calling, yelling and accusations. If you discuss just the facts, the end result might be that you agree in some areas and not in others. But respect the other person’s right to free speech. People of America, point that finger toward yourselves. We are all at fault.

Cynthia Rogers

West Cocalico Township

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