I’m responding to the June 25 letter to the editor “Overturning Roe won’t stop abortion.” The writer from Pequea states that men demonstrate their profound stupidity for all to see. Really? I submit that the writer is bathed in half-witted callousness for all women to see. The ongoing legalization of this madness only continues to desensitize the conscience of America, the writer’s included.

Does she not realize that the baby inside the mother has a separate DNA, fingerprints and a heartbeat within weeks of conception? Can she not come to grips that the child attached to his or her mother’s womb is no different from a toddler tied to a woman’s backpack?

That child is an individual — a unique entity — and he or she feels pain. Can the writer not understand the horrors of abortion? Babies being torn apart literally limb from limb, scalded by saline solution or having their brains sucked out by vacuum. And what about the father? That child in part belongs to him.

What a mindset. I’m thankful that most American women have the understanding and compassion to think beyond themselves.

Homer Snavely