During these challenging times, it is important to focus on the positive things going on around us. As a result of receiving funds from The Steinman Foundation, the Aaron’s Acres administrative team was able to support about 50 of our families that were facing hardships these past eight months.

We provide recreational programs to children and young adults, ages 5 to 21, with disabilities. Parents reported to us last spring that their children were struggling with being at home and not attending school. The loss of routine and structure that had been provided within the school setting was absent.

Many of the children who attend Aaron’s Acres did not understand COVID-19, the importance of wearing masks and the need to remain socially distant. Parents observed increased behaviors as their children became more anxious with these “new” routines.

As a result of the generosity from The Steinman Foundation, we contacted our Lancaster families to determine what their needs were and what would help them through these times. Communication devices, special utensils, iPads and bicycles with adaptations for children with disabilities are just a few of the items that we purchased for our families.

It is important to note that The Steinman Foundation also provided funds to students in the School District of Lancaster, helping to ensure that all children had access to appropriate technology for educational purposes.

While we continue to experience uncertainty, we must pause and take a moment to thank The Steinman Foundation for truly making a difference in Lancaster County. (The Steinman Foundation is a local, independent family foundation funded by the companies that make up Steinman Communications; those companies include LNP Media Group.)

Risa Paskoff

Manheim Township

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