I want to extend a short note of thanks to all those folks in our community who continue providing goods and services during this COVID-19 outbreak. I may miss several occupations in this letter, but my appreciation goes to any and all I have failed to list here. 

Thanks to the folks who are keeping our public utilities running. Thanks to the truck drivers delivering goods. Thanks to the grocery stores, the staff who stock the shelves and those manning the registers.

Thanks to all first responders and medical professionals. Thanks to unseen providers like nursing home staff who tend to the elderly, and the correctional officers and jail staff who provide care, custody and control of incarcerated criminal offenders. Thanks to postal carriers and trash collectors who maintain regular rounds. Thanks to LNP | LancasterOnline for giving me a forum to express my gratitude.

Thanks to my family, friends and neighbors for daily communication; for sharing love, concern and the occasional spot of humor as we collectively battle social stress and anxiety. Thanks to everyone who has remained calm, used common sense; displayed civility and courtesy.

It is said that true strength of character is defined not by the easy times, but by the difficult times. I believe examples of ignorant people and their self-centered behaviors have been obvious in news reports. I won’t dwell on them because my message is lost on the weak.

I reserve my thanks for all the heroes listed above. God bless.

Bob Bodnar

West Lampeter Township