Mayor Danene Sorace: I came from northern New Jersey to attend Franklin & Marshall College, graduating in the 1970s. F&M had a campus-centric social life. I can’t recall one instance when, on a Friday night, one of my classmates said, “Hey, how about we go downtown tonight?” Downtown had no draw, because there really wasn’t much to do and a group of college students wandering around downtown was not comfortable for us.

My career took me to a number of locations and then back to Lancaster after a number of years. Lo and behold: The downtown had been transformed! Investments in restaurants and a vibrant night life awaited all. There is no doubt that safety and diligent work on the part of our police played a major role. It’s doubtful that projects like 101NQ would have come to pass without the safety of workers and residents being a major consideration.

For 26 years, former Lancaster city police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser contributed to the turnaround as he worked his way up to become a police chief highly endorsed by you.

So what changed?

Would you please articulate more specifically where your “vision” of policing was not in alignment with the chief, which led to you and he agreeing to part ways?

Ted Mavraganis

East Hempfield Township