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This is a copy of the letter I sent to Congressman Lloyd Smucker. His only response was a form letter. It appears he only values select groups of his supporters in this county.

Regarding the Sept. 6 column about Congressman Lloyd Smucker slamming LNP | LancasterOnline in a fundraising email (“Smucker a ‘no’ vote on forum with challenger”): Your column proved his point.

Kindness, grounded upon “love thy neighbor as thyself,” is the glue that binds societies. Selfishness and narcissism — President Donald Trump’s character traits — serve to antagonize kindness, love and morality. “Othering,” tribalism, grievance, fear, greed and hate grow in their place, deep…

I believe I know why President Donald Trump cozies up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and praises them, rather than criticizes them. I would not be surprised to see Trump seek asylum in Russia (most likely) or North Korea once he is out of office (hopefully January 2021). 

In the past, presidents of our country took on the responsibility of protecting citizens in times of danger. The vast majority of those presidents knew they had an obligation to give people the truth about the danger. In addition, they understood the need to give the truth in a timely, measu…

In reading the Sept. 6 op-eds by Gregory Hand (“Republicans evoke socialist bogeyman to scare voters”) and Stuart Wesbury (“Study the issues before you cast your ballot”), I was surprised by Hand’s quote of Acts 4:32-35: “No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they s…

Recently I had the misfortune to fall twice and was admitted to UPMC Lititz through its emergency room each time. My care could not have been better either time.

Election Day is approaching and we must decide. Do we choose a Democratic Party that is submissive to radical members who willingly embrace the ominous world of socialism, or do we choose a Republican Party with a pro-America leader who is fulfilling his promise to America?

When my husband was the CEO of a small college in Germany, we lived on the campus. Once, I saw a student wildly running around, screaming all the while. Three policemen came and cornered him, but stood well back. They talked to him for a whole hour and at one point gave him a cigarette, undo…

LNP | LancasterOnline’s well-moderated and well-balanced Opinion section is always informative and challenging, but I’d like to offer special thanks to the editors for two recent offerings. 

Wednesday’s letter signed by a group of veterans (“Veterans support President Trump”) might have left readers with the mistaken impression that all Lancaster County veterans support the current occupant of the White House. 

Will Americans ever learn that for every justification of war there is a comparable justification of slavery? Both justifications reach for and fail to be morally convincing. That is, racism and war-making are not two different species — they are twins. 

Wednesday’s letter by partisan veterans supporting President Donald Trump (“Veterans support President Trump”) highlights the extent to which some people overlook Trump’s attacks on veterans — reportedly calling them “losers” and “suckers” for their sacrifice. 

The coming election will determine the future of our nation. I believe this election is the most important of my lifetime, and, before you cast your ballot, you need to do some serious homework.

People have lost homes and whole towns are destroyed by fire and natural disasters. People are going to sleep hungry. Some have no health insurance.