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Letters to the Editor

I enjoy reading the letters to the editor and seeing others’ opinions. Since Saturday’s paper has a Religion section, I think that would be a better fit for the letters espousing eternal damnation for one’s beliefs or lack thereof.

Some thoughts to help clarify the issues brought up by Ashton Clatterbuck in his column, “State laws targeting transgender individuals are doing real harm,” which was published in the May 26 LNP | LancasterOnline:

Tuesday night, another senseless shooting took place. This time, it took two lives at a high school graduation in Richmond, Virginia. It prompted the mayor of that city to ask, “Is nothing sacred any longer?”

A recent syndicated column by Dr. Mike Roizen published in LNP | LancasterOnline advised people to consult with their doctors any time they take more than one medication, especially when different drugs are prescribed by different physicians.

My question goes out to all the officials in Lancaster city and Lancaster County, along with fire officials. What in the Sam Hill are you guys waiting for to declare a burn ban?

Now that the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 has passed, suspending the debt limit until January 2025, what important legislation should our president and Congress act upon that would benefit all Americans?

Everybody seems to be worrying about the big things in the news. But we have a serious problem right here in Lancaster County, and no one is doing anything about it. Isn’t it time for someone to step up and take a stand? What has happened to the pocket on men’s white dress shirts? Shirt manu…

The Lancaster Parking Authority eliminated many coin-fed parking meters on midtown streets by installing smartphone technology. And now pay kiosks that once took dollar bills only take certain coins and credit cards that may add a surcharge.

If you’re driving a gas-powered vehicle and you run out of gas, either AAA or a friend can bring you a few gallons of gas, and away you go.

In the coverage of the attempt to overturn President Joe Biden’s student loan cancellation plan in the May 25 LNP | LancasterOnline, Congressman Lloyd Smucker stated, “Only about 17% of people in Pennsylvania’s 11th District have a bachelor’s degree, and this bailout is asking taxpayers in o…

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