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After listening to a recent speech by President Joe Biden, I am thrilled to feel proud to be an American again! After enduring the past four years and what I view as the destruction of our democracy caused by the incompetency and self-centered former administration in the White House, I welc…

I believe that whoever wrote the piece on Rush Limbaugh from The New York Times, which appeared in the Feb. 18 LNP | LancasterOnline, mischaracterized him completely.

This “symbolic” process to consider censure of U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey for his position on the Jan. 6 debacle and former President Donald Trump’s role that day is, in my view, just another significant indication that the Republican Party — especially locally but also nationally — has lost its way.

It is interesting to hear writers simplify something into a few words in the newspaper — to summarize and categorize everything clearly in support of their point of view. I marvel.

It is appalling that some equate the Jan. 6 insurrection with the nationwide protests that took place after Minneapolis police office Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd.

We hear both parties describe the Jan. 6 violence as un-American. It certainly is opposed to what we know of our stated values, but our history has a pattern of destroying what doesn’t fit our desires.

We can all feel the deep political divide in our country. It is palpable and profoundly unsettling. But despite the heightened political division, despite what feels like a world of difference between us, we need one another.

Forty-four senators voted against the constitutionality of an impeachment trial in the aftermath of insurgents’ deadly storming of the U.S. Capitol

The Philadelphia Inquirer article headlined “Stimulus Q&A: What you need to know about who gets $1,400 and when” that appeared in the Feb. 16 LNP | LancasterOnline fills many with relief at the possibility of additional support to help keep their businesses or home budgets afloat.

As defined by the Urban Displacement Project, gentrification is “a process of neighborhood change that includes economic change in a historically disinvested neighborhood — by means of real estate investment and new higher-income residents moving in — as well as demographic change — not only…

Reading about the commuted sentence by Gov. Tom Wolf of George Burkhardt for his part in the heinous 1979 crime committed against siblings Mary and Horace Swarr made me so angry.

While I have to give the writer of the Feb. 14 letter “Crossword puzzle was clueless” credit for at least knowing that the word Nazi was a shortened form of “National Socialist,” he maybe should have further checked the dictionary to have facts on his side.

I am concerned that the Biden administration will reexamine existing border policy and err in opening the borders to more illegal crossings while America still struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have been a registered Republican since I became eligible to vote in 1963. I have voted in every election since then. I found that what makes America great is the ability to select the candidate of our choice, regardless of party affiliation.

I’m glad we have a senator (Republican or Democrat) who will vote on behalf of the common good and on behalf of all the people who know that most of what then-President Donald Trump did leading up to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was very, very wrong and needed to be addressed.

I am 88 years old and have always voted Republican, but after watching the case presented during the Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, I cannot imagine how any Republican senator with any sense of decency could have possibly voted against conviction.