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Letters to the Editor

With the seemingly increasing number of homeless people living on the streets of Lancaster and the many businesses looking to hire people, why not consider a plan to interview individuals who might have previous work experiences but have now fallen on hard times? These are individuals who mi…

We need an index that measures the mental well-being of Americans. Most of the indexes we have measure physical or financial well-being. We are missing a very important measure that can teach us a lot and help shape public policy.

Masonic Village Hospice recently held a butterfly release. This was held to honor the memory of our loved ones who passed during the year. It was beautifully organized. We were able to reserve butterflies that we could pick up. We then released them on our own at home. Masonic Village had a …

A recent article in LNP stated that “giving thanks for our blessings is good for our health, according to Harvard Health Publishing.” It also stated that “gratitude makes us happy.” Well, if that is indeed the case, then I will be one of the healthiest and happiest of food bank directors ever!

I just wanted to thank the person or persons and let them know how truly grateful my husband and I were to have our breakfast bought for us at the Columbia Diner on Oct. 9.

This letter is for a lady who paid for my lunch, my sister’s lunch and my best friend’s lunch on Sept. 16 at Columbia Diner. What a special treat, and we thank you very much. That was very kind of you and appreciated.

My birthday was July 25. I was 80 years young. I would like to thank all of our friends who came. We had an open house, and for four hours our house was full.

On Sept. 2, as I was preparing to leave Park City Center after making a few purchases, I fell just as I was entering the central area of the mall. A gentleman immediately came to me, asking if I was OK and if I needed help. He then suggested I should sit for a moment. I hit the floor pretty …

There have been a lot of opinions about the care veterans receive from Veterans Affairs. My late husband, Randy Dippary, was a Vietnam War veteran. He had multiple problems and health issues associated with Agent Orange. He was treated by the VA in Lancaster and Lebanon. The staff at both lo…

On Sept. 26, I decided to go out for breakfast after church. I went to the Columbia Diner, and had a great meal. When I asked for my check, my server told me that my meal was already paid for.

I would like to thank the person who picked up the bill for me and my wife on the evening of Aug. 31 at Miller’s Ale House. What a surprise when the waitress said our bill was taken care of and we were free to leave.

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