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Letters to the Editor

It is not “the state’s changing election guidance to counties” that has undermined the public confidence in elections, as cited by Pennsylvania Republicans in Thursday’s Spotlight PA article, “GOP moves to seek voter info.”

Historically, Americans have been seduced by quack medical cures and false myths or old wives’ tales over scientific or medically proven remedies, such as vaccines, to fight diseases.

What clear-thinking American can deny that America is declining? Political ineptness (as I believe is plainly demonstrated by the Biden administration), weekly and even daily mass shootings, rampant crime, the racial divide and so many more examples give ample evidence of this decline.

On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, thank you for your touching Sept. 10 story (“ ‘A beautiful gift’ ”) on how the ministry of the first victim of this horror, Father Mychal Judge, chaplain for the New York Fire Department, has been multiplied in his honor following his death.

Wow! Wow! Wow! If you have not ventured to the Square Halo Gallery located in The Trust Performing Arts Center in downtown Lancaster, you are missing real creative beauty of prose and aesthetic.

Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers want to have access to private and confidential (I thought) information, including voters’ driver’s license numbers and the last four digits of their Social Security number.

The Tuesday LNP | LancasterOnline article “Parents pressing districts on rule” states: “Before the meeting, Republican state House Speaker Bryan Cutler, who lives in the district and also did not wear a mask, tried to redirect the crowd’s frustration over masks from the school board to the g…

Heather Adams is Lancaster County’s elected district attorney. For better or worse (and I think worse), we have to put up with her until her term ends. As district attorney, she is charged with enforcing all state and local laws, including the state Department of Health’s mask mandate for K-…

I cannot wait to see the future Lancaster County Prison upon completion. With anticipation, I hope the new site will be located within a peninsula of the Conestoga waterway and maintain the current castle appearance.

I have a question for parents, guardians or caretakers of school-age children. Would you prefer that your child follow guidelines that are in place for their safety, including masking? Or would you rather visit them in the hospital and see them with an oxygen mask covering their face or, wor…

I am writing in support of mask-wearing for all students and employees of the Warwick School District, as now mandated by the state.

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What records should Pennsylvania lawmakers have access to for another review of the 2020 election?

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