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Letters to the Editor

As an educated, open-minded citizen of a democratic country that is supposed to represent all types of people and beliefs, I am greatly saddened to watch the gradual “dumbing down” of America.

The Nov. 12 letter “US will fall like Babylon,” in my view, unabashedly proselytizes, tortures facts into compliance with religious dogma and implores those who don’t believe that America was founded on Christian principles to “check your history.”

The word “Christmas” has controversial origins. But the holiday season does, too. Family get-togethers, mutual gift-giving and year-end celebrations are all accused of having pagan origins.

After reading the Nov. 28 article “Opting out of Donegal library,” I wanted to write to express my support and appreciation for Donegal School District librarian Matthew Good.

Public libraries do so much with so little. I’m grateful for all that my family gains from frequent visits to our local branch. I could never afford my own voracious appetite for books without the library, and now I’m raising two avid readers.

I read with dismay that Akron’s doughty borough council seemingly feels that the Ephrata Public Library isn’t properly pandering to its prejudices and thus the council will be withholding funding from the library.

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