Tom Tillett’s July 5 “The imagined  future of a one-term congressman” satire leads me to believe that Tillett has either experienced a drastic change in his own political philosophy, or that maybe he’s just your average hypocrite.

Tillett spent more than 30 years as a chief political aide to former congressmen Bob Walker and Joe Pitts. He earned in excess of $160,000 a year plus generous benefits. He spent his career promoting the same things he now seems to eschew in his op-ed.

As a chief aide (i.e., political aide), Tillett never seemed to mind his bosses’ courting of the same corporate interests and lobbyists he now calls “corrupt.” I wonder what has changed other than his employment situation.

Tillett also has newfound courage to blame those who are retired for what he calls “generational inequality.” Which really means that young people earn less than their parents did. I’m not sure how this is the fault of the baby boomer generation (of which I admit to being one). It was Tillett’s beloved bosses who at every opportunity promoted programs that left the working man and woman holding the bag while corporate America sent good-paying jobs overseas.

I will agree with one point Tillett made. The amount of debt this country is piling on our younger and future generations is a crime. Maybe he should spend his efforts on helping to bring back those good-paying jobs. The  tax revenue from them would reduce the debt in a hurry.

Scott Royer