I begin by thanking the LNP Opinion staff for giving consideration to my numerous letters during the past year and commend them for publishing a broad spectrum of views.

Through my writing, I have endeavored to bring clarity to the threat posed by the Trump administration. A growing circle of evidence is forming into an unprecedented indictment of presidential malfeasance. Trusting to a special prosecutor and congressional oversight, a day of reckoning will come. Justice will not forever be denied.

However, at this point, with the forced closing of government and spurious partisan justification, my feelings are undergoing a turn of affairs. The indictment falls just as heavily upon those who as accomplices apologize for the infamy. Upon shambles of political discourse, they pile the refuse of minimization and the irrelevancy of countercharges.

I’m not by nature spiteful or vindictive. Without rancor, I have written critically of President Donald Trump. But now I find it difficult to forgive his defenders. I fight off the delight I will entertain when their disgrace comes, exposed as they’ll be for aiding and abetting a multitude of wrongs. History will not be kind.

In the final verdict, the crime will be that they did nothing while democracy was defiled. They remained silent when decency called for conscience to speak.

It will require time and forbearance to heal the wounds inflicted by the Trump era.

With all the strength in us, we call upon love of country, for hate does not go away by itself.

Eugene Clemens