Back in my high school days, in the early 1970s, it was brought up in class about legalizing marijuana. The teacher at the time started a class discussion about the subject. The teacher entertained all ideas, pros and cons, about the subject. At the end of the class — and it lasted the whole class — the teacher gave his idea on the subject. The only reason the government won't legalize marijuana is because they can't tax it.

This statement raised a few questions from the students. He clarified his statement with a question: How can the government tax something that grows anywhere (like a weed) — which is what marijuana/hemp is?

We left that class a little smarter that day about our greedy government.

A recent LNP included an article about legalizing the growing of hemp (“Is homegrown hemp on horizon for farmers here?” Dec. 31).

The first step in the process would be a licensing board (government), permitting taxes on the crop. The article goes on to talk about processing and marketing the product, which is already in place somewhere.

So this is our government at work: taxing everything they can, and if they can't, then it's illegal.

Michael Armstrong

West Donegal Township