The writer of the Jan. 12 Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline letter “Trump’s foreign policy strategies” should be swiftly hired by President Donald Trump’s administration as his communications director, if he can publicly recite his “strategies” without a grimace, following spitball strategies manifested by Trump. Trump relies on instinct and impulse rather than sage advice from advisers, and is overwhelmed and vitiated in economic and foreign affairs.

Counterpoints to the writer’s gratuitous ascriptions of Trump’s policies:

1. Strengthen America economically: a) borrowing heavily (over $1 trillion deficit and counting); b) farmers stockpiling soybeans; c) more “clean” coal.

2. Build superior U.S. military — disregard $13.3 billion diverted from military renovation and construction projects for a symbolic wall.

3. Don’t discuss the next steps in negotiations — except at your rallies.

4. Offer wealth as an endgame — predominately for corporations and the top 1% on the tax cut.

5. Speak directly to the country’s citizens — 15,000 falsehoods and counting.

6. Reaffirm that we seek no war or regime change — a Turkey feast at Kurds’ expense; and Iran, don’t take it personally if we pick off your top general.

7. Talk unambiguously when threatened — after Iran’s missile attack, “Iran appears to be standing down.”

8. Act immediately when red lines are crossed. Exception: missile tests after love letters from Kim Jong Un.

9. State recognizable “off-ramps” to help foes choose their next step — extricate from the Iran nuclear deal, kill its general. The ramp to “nowhere” fast!

10. Keep enemies closer — “Russia, if you’re listening.” Trump’s in love with Kim.

Who’s paying for tariffs and the wall? Don’t forget, he loves the poorly educated.

Don Rossi

Manheim Township