First Day of Spring Sports

Warwick track and field working out during the first day of Spring Sports practice at Warwick High School in Lititz Monday March 2, 2020.

During this pandemic, there have been a lot — and I mean a lot — of events that have been canceled, including concerts, parades, fairs, etc.

But, to many people, one of the biggest disappointments was the cancellation of sporting events, and not just professional sporting events, but school sporting events. This affected many kids and parents.

I’m on the Warwick track and field team, and our spring season was canceled. This was particularly unfortunate for the seniors who needed that season to really show colleges what they could do, but saw their chances totally destroyed by the pandemic. My senior year now is being ruined by the pandemic, and my junior year was cut short. This was a very important time to shine to show colleges what I, and the rest of my team, could do, especially if we wanted to get into a good college. Now that pressure is doubled, even tripled, this year!

Another issue caused by the cancellations is that the kids who are hoping for college scholarships do not have as much of an opportunity as seniors in prior years. Student-athletes are now forced to play beyond peak performance to make up for lost time. There is little guarantee of scholarships because college scouting is limited due to social distancing restrictions.

Hopefully, there are no more cancellations this year, and we all have a successful sports season.

Nate Good is a senior at Warwick High School.