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Eating healthily, along with exercise, can help in losing weight.

Exercise has many benefits to the human body. It is good for your heart, brain, and your body in general. Many people think that the more hours they put into a hardcore workout, the more unhealthy food they are allowed to eat. But diet is actually an essential part to weight loss.

First of all, if you want to lose weight, consult your physician. And be sure you want to lose weight for the right reasons: to improve your health and to avoid the health problems that can come with obesity.

There are many myths about weight loss that people believe to be true — such as, exercise without diet is fine — but with the proper tips on how to manage what you eat and how much exercise you get, you can achieve the weight loss you want.

One such myth is that people can eat all the junk food they want as long as they do some sort of exercise to burn it off. You can burn off calories by exercising, but you should watch what you eat and consider how many calories you are taking in.

Many of us also think that the more we exercise, the more fat we will lose. While you can burn fat by exercising, the truth is you often become hungrier and may eat more — and believe you deserve to eat more — after a hard workout. Exercise to be healthy, not to lose weight.

Diet is actually very important for effective weight loss, but most people don’t realize it. In the article, “For Weight Loss, Diet Plays Bigger Role than Exercise,” Susan Levin writes that a “review of school-based interventions found that weight loss could be achieved by diet changes alone, while exercise without diet changes was not effective.”

Exercising to lose weight can seem hard if you aren’t getting the results you want quickly, but watching what you eat and choosing healthy foods could be the solution to the problem.

Although it can be very hard to stick to a diet, there are some things that you can do to help lose a few pounds. Drinking lots of water helps you stay full and keeps you from wanting to eat more. Eating lots of vegetables can be helpful in reducing the amount of calories you take in.

A couple other measures you can take to reduce your weight include not buying high-calorie foods and sticking to lighter foods that won’t be addictive or tempting. Getting more sleep will help you feel more energized and motivated to eat healthy. You can try eating at home, because eating excess calories at a restaurant can happen very easily. There are many websites and blogs that have tips and pointers on how to stay on a diet and lose weight safely.

Some people who don’t believe in diets, or who claim they can’t stay on a diet, might turn to an energy-boosting pill, but these alternatives are not the best or healthiest way to lose some pounds. In the article “Slim Shady,” Teen Vogue editor Jane Shin Park examines the dangers of these pills, including elevated blood pressure and heart rate levels, a loss of essential fluids and a disturbance of electrolytes.

Losing weight is hard. When people don’t get the results they want, they may lose hope in themselves. Exercise, though, is not the only way to lose weight. Cutting back on the calories you eat can be very effective.

Many people think they can work out and eat meals loaded with calories, but a combination of working out and eating light meals with fewer calories is the ideal way to achieve weight loss.

Cara Reiff is in grade 10 at Lancaster Mennonite High School.