I’ve had many different responses to letters I’ve read on this page; affirmation, frustration, amusement, disbelief and sadness. Few have made me more sad than the lack of understanding reflected in “Millennials and the church” (May 4).

The writer makes valid points about why church attendance has been dwindling over the years; some the result of our ever more secular society, but many the fault of the church itself being less than it is called to be.

The church does not need “a change in substance.” It needs to proclaim its substance to the world in a more compelling manner.

If the “change in substance” the writer is calling for is that “salvation, heaven and hell, and sin are church teachings from a past time that have little meaning in an evolving universe,” then he is asking the church to deny the existence of the God who created the universe.

As more people turn from the church’s so-called “outdated theology,” our society becomes increasingly uncivil, relativistic and toxic. Survey after survey shows a marked decline in church attendance while other surveys show more people searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.  Coincidence? Spiritual seeking has become the new wave, with more people looking for meaning and purpose on Facebook, Twitter, video games, and with everything from yoga to drugs to tarot cards. “To one who is hungry, even the bitter tastes sweet” (Proverbs 27:7).

Please pray for our nation.

David Charles Edgar

Manheim Township