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Is Major League Baseball doing enough to address the sign-stealing scandal?

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    It has often been noted that football’s offensive linemen seldom get their just recognition. This is nowhere more evident than in the All-State football teams selected by the Pennsylvania Football Writers and published in the Dec. 29 Sunday LNP (“Honors go to 5 more L-L athletes”).

      In elementary school, I learned how to climb under my desk in case of an atomic attack. During my second decade, we lost the space race, survived the Cuban missile crisis and saw the assassination of a president. My third decade was crowded with Vietnam, racial tension, Watergate and more as…

        It was hard not to note the difference in LNP | LancasterOnline between two approaches designed to inform the public on issues relating to our lives and futures.

          After reading “The state of sweet” in the Jan. 12 Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline, I might suggest to readers and scientists alike to research the involvement of beetles in the pollination of crops. Research has shown that beetles pollinate up to 80% of plants. Could beetles have an impact on h…

            President Donald Trump is the culmination of Barack Obama’s slogan, “Yes we can.” Obama is more accurately described as the “No we did not” president. Trump has totally restructured United States foreign policy. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was a mistake, but his replacement, Mike Pompeo…

            I am a high school senior who has managed to survive my public school career without social media. In fact, I’d argue that I'm not just surviv…