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Do you favor legislation to raise Pennsylvania's minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.50 an hour in 2022?

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    The Dec. 11 letter “Looking forward to calm sanity” made a favorable comparison between presidential candidate Joe Biden and the Roman emperor Claudius. The idea put forward was that Biden would bring peace and stability after President Donald Trump, much like Claudius did after the tumultuo…

      It’s amazing how many able-bodied people go to sporting events and use handicapped-accessible parking spaces. I see whole families running toward gates to get in line. I see many teens parking in wheelchair-accessible spaces without care. I can’t walk well and use a walker; sometimes I’m not…

        Just wondering how parents deal with their children’s questions or actions when they hear and see the current occupant of the White House calling his opponents insulting names. Does a parent tell a child they can bully or call someone names when dealing with difficult situations too? Just wo…

          The biggest problem with Route 222 and Colonel Howard Boulevard (“Traffic congestion levels off in county,” Dec. 3) is that most of the traffic coming off the turnpike wants to go south on Route 222.

            At the time it was the world superpower — it was to Egypt where Abraham and Sarah went when famine hit. They were refugees, and Pharaoh gave them grain. It was to Egypt that Joseph, Mary and their newborn son, Jesus, fled a murdering dictator. They were refugees welcomed until it was safe to…

            Gov. Tom Wolf, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, state lawmakers, survivors and child advocates are justified in celebrating the recent statutes of limitations reform victory, but a lot more needs to be done to ensure the safety of children.

            Do you have that friend who is always late? The friend says he is going to meet you at a certain time, but you just know it’s going to be late…