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    In his June 11 column, “Philly, other Pa. cities need state budget to address their needs,” John Baer described the strength of the Pennsylvania government’s financial position and discussed the governor’s proposal to raise the minimum wage in terms that made it sound like a good idea.

      I’m thinking of someone. The words listed below are clues that describe this person's character:

        Seventy years ago, my dad escorted me to observe what was originally Channel 4 and the huge tower being constructed in downtown Lancaster. Channel 8 has been a big part of my life. I was appointed public information officer of the Lancaster Bureau of Fire in 1980 and immediately dispatched t…

          The Warwick School District’s proposed financial recognition of special service by administrators was a great illustration of the blind alley of either/or thinking. If American politics and culture are polarized, it’s substantially because we’re so in love with our either/or thinking. Everyt…

            Spectrum is a word more often heard at the beginning of the 21st century. May it become the anthem of our time. It is commonly applied to the development disorder autism, a condition that can range from indistinguishable to severe.

              We find it necessary to go to Pittsburgh every three months for my husband’s medical treatment. After many exhausting six-hour trips on Amtrak, we discovered Southern Airways. It is a quick way to get to Pittsburgh or Baltimore/Washington International Airport, and you are treated so well by…

                For centuries, Americans have enjoyed the privilege of living within the warm embrace of freedom. As time passes from one century to another, few Americans seem to remember our history and the struggles for freedom that now enable us to live in this utopia called America.

                Psalm 46:10a — “Be still, and know that I am God.” This verse was the inspiration for Katharina Von Schlegel’s “Be still, my soul” hymn, which…

                America cannot be “great again” if workers at all levels cannot count on a basic income in order to afford a living with higher buying power, good and affordable health care, a decent roof over their heads and a real possibility of good educational opportunities for themselves and their families.