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Suzanne Cassidy - Opinion editor
Chris Otto - Deputy opinion editor
Lillie Farmer and Stephen Kraybill - Community board members

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    Stuart Wesbury was embarrassed (“Reflections from a dispirited supporter of President Trump,” Jan. 10 op-ed). He was “blindsided” by then-President Donald Trump’s message to the crowd in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6.

      Given what we know regarding the correlation between race, socioeconomic status and COVID-19, the recent letter to the editor blaming the School District of Lancaster school board for the district’s situation — and comparing the district’s performance with that of neighboring Hempfield and M…

        Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature are trying to pass a state constitutional amendment that would change how we elect judges for state Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts. Instead of electing them statewide, the General Assembly would draw districts for each judge.

          I am speaking to both political parties. I volunteered in a second grade classroom in the School District of Lancaster with an amazing teacher who spent an entire class talking to her students about integrity!

            We have been engaged in a conflict with an insidious disease that doesn’t care who you are. As we are witnessing, it is killing people at an alarming rate. We must take some responsibility for the spread of the virus, because some of us have ignored the simple precautions recommended to help…

              It is Jan. 6, and I am sitting in front of my television viewing what is happening in Washington, D.C. Am I surprised at what is transpiring? No, I am not. I read all the letters to the editor in my daily newspaper (never online or on a mobile device).

                I think it is time to recognize the courageous journalism of LNP | LancasterOnline in both reporting and writing editorials during this month’s turmoil and violence in the Washington, D.C.

                Cold air patted my face as I walked out the front door of my grade school. It was Jan. 20, 1953, and I was headed home for lunch. The school h…