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There have been recent warning signs of a recession. How worried are you?

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    To the public: Please make a wise decision when you see and hear about companies and TV shows advertising to bring your collectibles and antiques to an appraisal event, offering you a price for your pride and joy.

      Having read your July 15 editorial, “Reform urgency,” I felt compelled to write this letter. In 1982, I was a graduate student in the Department of Educational Administration at Penn State. My graduate adviser and professor for a course in school finance was Dr. Gary Johnson.

        We hear so many negatives, I would like to share a positive. I got an email from a 14-year-old young man who said he is too young to get a job, but he has time so he would like to volunteer as a helper for Meals on Wheels. We asked him to come into the church and meet with us and see if it’s…

          The Trump years have brought turmoil and division to new heights. We have endured incessant lies from President Donald Trump, inane tweets on a daily basis, disgraceful treatment of Gold Star families, women, individuals with disabilities, migrants and asylum-seekers (most horrifically the c…

            In response to the July 27 “Buggies in the burbs” article, I invite Richard Szarko and attorney Virginia Morrison to personally tour with me in Lancaster County to discover that: 1) a significant number of Mennonites, like the Amish, have decided not to trade in their horse and carriage for …

              Lancaster has just lost two medical giants with the passing of physicians James Argires and Joseph Besecker. They moved to our county after medical college and service in the military. Dr. Besecker was a lieutenant commander in the Navy and Dr. Argires was a Marine in the Korean War. Dr. Bes…

                Most mass killings are best understood as acts of revenge upon society. Many mass murderers kill themselves after making their “statement.” What could influence someone to lash out in such a terrible way?

                While the U.S. spends far more per capita on medical care than any other country, its health care outcomes are consistently rated worse than most western European countries, as well as Austria, Japan and New Zealand. The inferior rankings aren’t due to a lack of wonderful doctors, fantastic hospitals and great technology. It’s mainly because people don’t have equal access to them.

                There are three ways to have a voice in politics. You can cozy up to the existing political establishment — the path of political careerists. …

                Throughout our time in office these past seven years serving as state House representatives in Lancaster County, we have fought hard for the w…