Super 8 Motel on Route 30 closed for safety issues

The Super 8 Motel along Lincoln Highway East could be closed for a month.

The Super 8 Motel along Route 30 was ordered to close this week by East Lampeter Township officials because of several ongoing safety issues.

Township manager Ralph Hutchison said a sprinkler system problem and water damage at the motel at 2129 Lincoln Highway E. forced it to close.

The board of supervisors was informed of the township's decision to close the motel at its Monday meeting.

"Once all life safety requirements are returned to working order in accordance with (Uniform Construction Code) requirements, they will be permitted to reopen," Hutchison said.

Anna Pappel, who has been manager of the motel for five years, said the motel was ordered to shut down on Monday. While she is hoping to reopen within a week, she said she is doubtful that will happen.

"It may be closed for a month yet," she said. "We're trying our best to get it open as soon as possible."

Pappel said about a month ago, Lafayette Fire Co. was called because the sprinkler system went off, causing water to gush through the motel like a "fire hydrant." She said it's possible a pipe froze, which caused the sprinkler system to go off.

After that, she said a restoration company came in, the pipe was fixed and a week later it broke again.

Of the motel's 100 rooms, she said 80 were damaged by water, leaving 20 rooms unharmed.

Pappel said ceilings and walls have to be torn down because of the water damage and the entire motel is being remodeled.

She said fortunately it's the slow season and there are no reservations right now. A sign at the motel lets people know the motel is closed for renovations.