Mickayla Harris

Warwick High School senior Mickayla Harris is a 2019 regional award winner of the National Center for Women in Technology -Aspirations in Computing Award.

Warwick High School senior Mickayla Harris has been selected as a regional award winner for the National Center for Women in Technology-Aspirations in Computing Award.

She will be honored this month at the University of Pennsylvania.

The organization’s main purpose is to promote, support and encourage more women to pursue a career in technology-related fields.

This award was created to assist in providing an avenue for young women looking to get involved in computing fields and be recognized for their work.

Mickayla answered several short essay questions that were used to determine her leadership skills, passion for computer science, aspirations for the future, and understanding of how computers can solve problems.

“I was very surprised to win but am extremely excited to see the opportunities that computer science offers for women in technology,” Mickayla said in a news release.

Her computer science teacher, Jeff Wile, was selected as the regional educator winner in the organization’s Philadelphia region.

The honor is given to educators who have demonstrated a commitment to encouraging young women’s aspirations in computing.