History Day

St. Anne School social studies teacher Lincoln Kennedy is shown with National History Day winners, front row from left,  Ava Thurmond, Alisha Klingler, Hana Rebek, Molly Roark, Emma Townsend, Stephen Scott, Kenny Box and Hans Richter; and second row, Paige Olmsted, Ethan Roark, Crew Wells, Joe Favilla, Ethan Beck, Ryan Haefner, Ryan Hohenadel, Colton Baddick, Noah Singer, Tyler Nguyen, Seamus Bohan, Ben Singer and Andrew Richardson.

St. Anne School recently held its annual National History Day competition, the culmination of three months of research by sixth and eighth graders.

Students entered their work in documentary, exhibit, paper, performance and website categories.

Relating to the theme of “Breaking Barriers in History,” students chose topics such as the Little Rock Nine and Sandra Day O’Connor. Projects were judged by community members with winners advancing to regional competition Feb. 29 at Kutztown University.

St. Anne 2020 winners were:

Documentary: first place, Ava Thurmond, “Sandra Day O’Connor: Making a Difference on the Supreme Court.”

Paper: first, Paige Olmsted, “One Simple Protest That Changed the World: The Protestant Reformation”; second, Ryan Haefner, “Breaking Barriers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Faced by Returning Veterans From the Vietnam War.”

Website, individual: first, Stephen Scott, “The Web That Changed the World”; second, Ethan Roark: “Cracking the Code: How the Code-Breakers at Bletchly Park Cracked the Enigma”; third, Emma Townsend, “Failure Is Impossible.”

Website, group: first, Seamus Bohan and Andrew Richardson, “Breaking the Sound Barrier”; second, Joe Favilla and Noah Singer, “The Human Computers”; and third, Ryan Hohenadel and Tyler Nguyen, “First But Not Forgotten: The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell”; honorable mention, Ethan Beck and Crew Wells, “Little Rock Nine: The Students That Revised Learning Forever.”

Exhibit, individual: first, Hans Richter, “Apollo 11: One Giant Leap for Mankind”; second, Hana Rebek, “Nelson Mandela and the Fight Against Apartheid”; third, Molly Roark, “Changing Medicine”; and honorable mention, Kenny Box, “Broken Heart Leads to Broken Barriers: The Legacy of Dr. Hale.”

Exhibit, group: first, Colton Baddick and Ben Singer: “The Battle of Stalingrad.”

Performance, individual: first, Alisha Klingler, “The Kite Experiment.”

Open house

St. Anne School will celebrate Catholic Schools Week an open house for prospective families at 12:30 p.m. Jan. 26 in the St. John the XXIII Building on the campus of St. John Neumann Catholic Church, 601 E. Delp Road. Those interested in attending should call the school office at 717-394-6711 or email woodsu@stannelancasterpa.org.