L-S YMCA to help Lancaster YMCA mark 2 years on Harrisburg Ave.

Lampeter-Strasburg YMCA is seen.

- When: West Lampeter Township supervisors meeting, Jan. 6

- What happened: Denise Day, president and CEO of both the Lancaster Family YMCA and the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, told the board that both groups will be working toward developing a merger plan.

- Background: The idea of merging both associations began in 2018, but it wasn’t until April 2019 when both boards decided to pursue it. Day said YMCAs across the country are moving in the same direction. She said the merger would allow for greater operational support in areas such as human resources, risk management and financial development. In addition, it would increase staff retention, enhance current programs and provide more services.

- What it means: Members of the Lampeter Strasburg YMCA may see changes, if they have not already, in the coming year as the merger continues to be pursued. One change has already begun in Lancaster with income-based membership. Residents have the option to fill out a confidential application that considers their household income in order to receive a lowered membership price.

- Why it matters: Once the merger is official, the township will have a new lease partner with the Lampeter-Strasburg YMCA, which opened in 2009. Supervisor Geoffrey Beers stated that the board has some trepidation given that the original lease was intended to last 29 years. Day assured the board that the merged YMCA association would take full responsibility for the current lease and all of its terms.

- Change of leadership: New Supervisor Rick Breneman was officially sworn in to the board along with returning Supervisor Barry Hershey. Hershey was chosen to be chairman and Supervisor Randy Moyer as vice chair. Geoffrey Beers and Robert Patterson remain on the board with Patterson also being chosen as treasurer.