A view of Wrightsville from the Susquehanna River. (P.J. Reilly/Sunday News)

Wrightsville Borough will use a $37,250 Green Alley grant from the York County Conservation District to rebuild 650 feet of Limekiln Alley and install environmentally friendly drainage.

Borough Council Vice President Michael Gromling, who is also the borough’s roadmaster, said Wrightsville was the first York County community to receive the grant in June 2017. The borough rejected original bids last fall after they all came in over $80,000.

At its March 18 meeting, council voted unanimously to accept a new bid from Carbaugh Concrete in Glen Rock for $42,017.80 for just the project’s concrete. The borough will use its own crew for excavation to save money, but it will still pay nearly $6,000 for engineering, Gromling said.

“I’m the road guy, and I want to see the work get done,” Gromling said. He expained the project will improve “a failing alley and address drainage issues.”

Gary Peacock, a water conservation specialist at YCCD, said a collection system will be installed under the alley that will collect stormwater and let it infiltrate into the ground, preventing erosion and excessive runoff. Excess collected water will be filtered of pollutants and sent to the storm sewer.

Peacock said the grant comes from the state liquid fuels tax and is designed to improve roads and alleys that have fewer than 500 vehicle trips per day.

Council decided to proceed with the project even though it will cost more than projected because “it’s not going to get any cheaper,” Gromling said. “The costs of things keep going up.”

“We’re getting to the point where we need to have barbecue chicken sales,” Mayor Michael A. Albert joked.

And Councilman Frederick Smith added that the borough is fortunate to have the county grant money to help with the construction.

“We may not get this kind of money again,” he said.

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