Route 462 bridge

The bridge that carries Route 462 over the Susquehanna River connects Columbia and Lancaster County with Wrightsville and York County.

Reliable ambulance coverage continues to raise concerns among residents in eastern York County.

Lancaster-based Susquehanna Valley EMS, which covers Wrightsville, is routinely dispatched to Lower Windsor Township when the all-volunteer Canadochly Valley Ambulance Club is unavailable.

During Wrightsville Borough Council’s Aug. 19 meeting, President Eric J. White said in July he felt the township was “leaning on our (EMS) service.” He and council Vice President Michael Gromling reported on a meeting they had with Lower Windsor Township supervisors and Canadochly.

“Lower Windsor Township still hasn’t stepped up to what they should do,” White said. “They said they will, and I hope they do. But I’m still concerned. I left that meeting unsatisfied.”

One of the issues, White said, is that Canadochly provides only basic life support services. If a patient in Lower Windsor needs advanced life support, which is a higher level of care, ambulance companies from other municipalities are dispatched.

Ambulance companies statewide are feeling the pinch of not receiving enough money from insurance companies to cover costs, leaving some in financial distress. Gromling said an issue is that insurance companies send payments to a patient and not directly to an ambulance company. People keep the money and don’t pay the ambulance bill, he said.