West Lampeter Township sign

When: West Lampeter Township supervisors meeting, March 13.

What happened: In a full West Lampeter Township meeting room, six residents of Morningside Drive — which connects Lampeter Road and Gypsy Hill Road — took to the microphone to plead for solutions to the all-too-common accidents along the roadway.

Background: Morningside Drive has three sharp turns in quick succession. It also has a sign prohibiting truck traffic which, according to the residents, is largely ignored. Brian Wiczkowski, the township’s police chief, looked up the nine latest accidents on the roadway and confirmed that all of them were from people who live outside of the community.

Residents’ plea: The residents made requests to protect them and their property. These requests included painted warnings, large arrow signs in both directions at each of the three corners and a trial of rumble strips.

Public comments: Dwain Livengood is a farmer and lifelong resident of Morningside Drive. Accompanied at the microphone by his son Levi, he said, “This roadway has become life-threatening.” Earl Livengood has lived on the road his entire life. “I apparently have some sort of magnetic attraction to cause cars leaving the roadway and entering our front yard or, worse yet, hitting my last two houses and doing extensive damage.”

Reaction: Board Chair Barry Hershey responded to the complaints, saying, “The neighborhood has done an excellent job of pleading their case. I don’t know if the signs will show up tomorrow,” Hershey said, making a play on Earl Livengood’s request for immediate action, but he added that the board will prioritize the matter.

Grouse Pointe development: The board held a conditional use hearing for EGStoltzfus Construction LLC in a special meeting on Feb. 20. The board followed up with a vote at the March 13 meeting. They ultimately approved Grouse Pointe — a 43-unit, single-family detached dwelling community — with 24 specified conditions. The development will be located at 1865-1867 Rockvale Road. The board voted 4-0 in favor (with one abstention) of the permit.

What’s next: EGStoltzfus is required to furnish financial security and get board approval of any revised or final zoning plans before proceeding. The next supervisors meeting will be April 10.

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