West Donegal Township municipal building stock photo

The West Donegal Township municipal building is located at 1 Municipal Drive, Elizabethtown.

When: West Donegal supervisors meeting, Aug. 9.

What happened: Township supervisors approved recommending a petition from the Wenger Group to Lancaster County Planning Commission to amend the zoning ordinance for the establishment of an overlay district within the village of Rheems.

Background: The Wenger Group, an agricultural products and services group headquartered in Rheems, currently owns 12 parcels of land on the south side of Harrisburg Avenue. The goal is to consolidate the 12 parcels into one and allow for the construction of a new corporate office building, both of which the overlay district would accomplish.

Why it matters: The land in the proposed overlay district is currently a general commercial district that includes an auto repair shop and the Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehab Center, but it is mostly residential. Melissa Falk, vice president of the Wenger Group, said creating this overlay would not infringe on the property rights of landowners in the district, and it would give more flexibility and options for the use and development of the property.

Quotable: “The simple answer is to build slightly larger (footprint and height) buildings, Township Manager John Yoder said in an email after the meeting, when asked what new options property owners in the overlay would have. “Cover slightly more of their lots with impervious coverage and make their parking lots slightly more dense (somewhat tighter parking space dimensions).”

What’s next: The board and the Wenger Group must wait to hear back from the Lancaster County Planning Commission before any further action is taken on amending the zoning ordinance and zoning map.

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