West Cocalico

West Cocalico township building.

When: West Cocalico supervisors meeting, Sept. 3.

What happened: Supervisors discussed the Fourth of July and Halloween holidays, looking to tighten fireworks and noise rules, while also setting a trick-or-treat policy for this coming fall.

Noise ordinance and fireworks: Supervisors said a newly enacted noise ordinance addressing fireworks disturbances was fairly effective this past July, with one notable exception. Board members discussed one incident where the Ephrata Police Department felt unable to utilize the ordinance to address the issue. Supervisors said the township will strengthen the law to crack down on inappropriate use of fireworks.

Background: Prior to the new law, residents had been coming to township meetings asking the township to address fireworks for the good of both animals and humans.

Quotable: “We are still, to a very mild degree, having some issues,” Chair James Stoner said.

Halloween: The board signed off on adopting a trick-or-treat policy drafted by the Lancaster Inter-municipal Committee of local governments representing Lancaster city, the boroughs of Columbia, Millersville and Mountville, and the townships of East Lampeter, Lancaster, Manor, West Hempfield and West Lampeter. The policy states trick-or-treat night is designated as Oct. 31, unless the date falls on a weekend, in which case, trick-or-treat would be on the previous Friday.