West Cocalico

West Cocalico township building.

When: West Cocalico Township Supervisors meeting, Feb. 16.

What happened: Supervisors approved the purchase of a new public works truck for $177,000, an amount that supports what the township has budgeted.

Background: Over the last few months, roadmaster Tom Showalter had been giving supervisors updates on how the department shopped for a new truck to replace an aging vehicle that had been in service for 17 years.

Details: The truck will be a four-wheel-drive model for tackling hilly country, and it will have a stainless steel truck bed to save on painting costs.Also, Showalter said the public works department is opting for a traditional stick shift for safety  reasons instead of push-button controls that would require the driver to take his or her eyes off of the road momentarily. As supervisors voted to approve the purchase, Showalter said the township can expect a 16-week wait for everything to be delivered.

Bond rating: Township Manager Carolyn Hildebrand reported the township has just received a AA bond rating, which is better than expected, as planners work toward securing new money for a sewer system extension.

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