East Hempfield Township map

When: East Hempfield Township supervisors meeting, Aug. 5.

What happened: Supervisors voted 4-0 for two conditional-use approvals for proposed projects at 701 and 791 Stony Battery Road. The applicant, Catalyst Commercial Development LLC, is proposing a roughly 250,000-square-foot warehouse on each site. Supervisors Chair Scott Russell was not present and unable to vote, but submitted a letter to the board promoting approval.

Background: Supervisors are concerned about truck traffic to and from the sites that could impact residential areas to the west. The township would like to route truck traffic toward Marietta Avenue if possible.

Board input: Board members referenced legal liability that would be involved in a vote to deny approval.

Conditions: The approval includes the condition that the applicant agrees to conduct a traffic study after the project is finished. If the truck traffic is found to exceed previous projections by over 50%, the applicant will be required to “modify, restrict or limit” truck traffic into specific nearby areas in some way. What all of this looks like is yet to be determined, since the applicant does not yet have an occupant for the warehouses.

Quotable: “People trying to make a living will do what they want to do,” said Supervisor Ed LeFevre, on the township’s limited ability to direct truck traffic on local roads.

Parks: Supervisors approved a deed restriction on some areas of the Amos Herr Park, in order to facilitate a grant submission by the township to the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. The requested grant funding of $190,000 would fund a new pavilion, trails, a bocce ball court and additional parking.

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