Strasburg Twp. Building

Strasburg Twp. building on Bunker Hill Road Wednesday Sept. 23, 2020.

When: Strasburg Township supervisors meeting, July 6.

What happened: Treasurer Connie Kauffman told supervisors the township has received the first of two COVID-19 relief payments from the American Rescue Plan. The township received $226,557 on June 30 and transferred the money to the designated account at the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust July 1. Kauffman said the township will receive the final disbursement in 12 months, bringing the total to $453,113. She said the allocation is based on population with data provided by the U.S. House Oversight Committee.

Financial health: Vice Chair Mike Weaver, who ran the meeting for Chair Tom Willig who was absent, said the township’s financial health is in “good status.” He assured residents the township will not waste the money given to them.

Engineer suggestion: Township engineer Mark Deimler, who attended the meeting via the videoconferencing app Zoom, suggested that $10,000 of the allocated money should go toward improving virtual meeting capabilities. Deimler said this would save time and money for residents and consultants who can attend meetings virtually. Weaver called the proposal a “direct benefit to the citizens” and a “very salient argument.”

Quotable: “In this day in age, that’s a very wise suggestion to the board,” Weaver said, adding the board would consider it.

What’s next: Weaver said “a great deal of thought” will go into how the township will spend the money, and officials will officially decide on uses for the money at an upcoming meeting. Supervisors will return to meeting the first Monday of the month on Aug. 2

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