South Coatesville Borough building

The South Coatesville Borough municipal building is seen.

Public works foreman isn’t the only hat Chris Corle will wear while serving the South Coatesville, Chester County, community.

Borough Council appointed him as emergency management coordinator at the June 9 Zoom virtual meeting. Corle will replace Nate McDermott, who resigned because he received a promotion at his daytime job. Corle will serve as emergency management coordinator in addition to public works foreman.

Council President Sylvia Washington nominated Corle for the position because of his experience as a volunteer firefighter and long family history with the Modena Fire Department. She then said, “he has been a firefighter since he can walk.”

Council member Bill Turner, who works for the Chester County Department of Emergency Management, said in accordance with Title 35 of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services Code, all municipalities must have one designated emergency management person on record. Corle will go through a background check, Turner added, and also must be also appointed by the state.

Turner said the county still has McDermott listed as the emergency management coordinator of South Coatesville. Council member Renee Carey said she will contact the county to update is records. Turner said by county procedure, he will endorse the paperwork before filing to Harrisburg.

“We need an emergency manager, especially in the midst of this pandemic,” Turner said.

Meanwhile, resident Bob Floyd addressed his concerns about the borough not advertising for a borough manager, calling it a critical position. He told council “we can’t keep adding part-time people that do not have enough time to react to the community and some of the questions that are going on.”

Washington responded that the borough is moving toward the goal of hiring a permanent manager and secretary/treasurer. She explained the reason for hiring interim part-time personnel is to provide stabilization for their inner-office procedures.

“We don’t want to be impulsive and just hire somebody for the need, we’re trying to have somebody who will be able to fill that role,” Washington said.

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