Solanco School District building zonepic

Solanco School District offices are located at 121 S. Hess St., Quarryville.

When: Solanco school board meeting, May 15.

What happened: The board agreed to make a submission to the state that will allow the district to use flexible instructional days if necessary, starting in the 2023-24 school year.

Background: Flexible instruction days are virtual instruction days that are used when classes cannot be held on campus or in a particular school building. This could be because of excessive snow days or an unexpected situation that makes a building unusable, such as a burst water pipe or heater failure. These days count toward the state’s minimum days of school requirements.

Why it’s important: The state allows a maximum of five flexible instruction days to be counted toward the day requirement each school year.

What’s next: Frequently used in other area school districts, even though Solanco is making the request, the district is still reluctant to use this option, because there are areas where students do not have internet access available at home.

Quotable: “This is a degree of flexibility,” Superintendent Brian Bliss said.

Other happenings: A list of 285 candidates for graduation was on the agenda. Commencement ceremonies are scheduled for Tues., June 6.

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