Solanco School District Administration Building

When: Solanco School District board meeting, Dec. 22.

What happened: The board unanimously passed a motion to approve the Educational Planning Guide for the 2021-22 school year.

Why it’s important: Changes have been made to the guide that will present new opportunities for juniors to attain internships, as well as the addition of a new computer science course for freshmen and sophomores.

Internship: Normally internships are available to seniors only, but they will now be open to second semester juniors as well.

New course: A Computer Science Discoveries course will encourage students to create tools such as web pages, physical computer devices, apps and games using basic coding. Topics that will be studied include problem solving, programming, web development, animation and games, the design process, data and society, and physical computing.

Other business: The district will hire someone to fill the new position of a behavioral specialist whose job will be to help students adjust as they come back to school. The person will work across the entire district with students from kindergarten through grade 12. The position will require a master’s degree. No one has been hired yet. The cost of the behavioral specialist, who will work with the district from Nov. 1 2021 to June 2020, will be grant funded.

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